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Sometimes in article writing or blogging for article marketing, it is neither the title nor the body of the content that is hard to come-up with. Though it is hard to come up with an original content, as almost everything under the sun has been written about, researching and ripping off other blogs and trying to make it sound original is not a difficult task for professionals.

Starting writers’ problem on the other hand, is writing a competetive resource box, simply because they don’t know how to do it the right way.

But the truth of the matter is, they are actually easy to do. However, huge number of online writers choose not to write their resource boxes, which results to leaving a pile of cash on the table. Here are 5 easy steps to come up with good and effective resource box for your article marketing needs.

Don’t assume you’re that important

Never assume that you’re that important, as nobody cares about you, your lifestory, what you do, etc. So don’t center your resource box around you.

Try to get into the mind of your readers, assume what they want to read. If readers want to know more about you, they can simply click your name and see your bio page.

Make your resource box benefit driven

When you get the right keywords, you will be making contents that can help readers. Thus, in your resource box, don’t be afraid in putting uncertain terms, as your readers can understand them by clicking those words. People will click to your resource box as soon as they want to understand something.

Keep your readers blind – Curiosity is everything

Though resource box should be benefit driven, you should never forget that you have to get readers click your links and direct them to your desired landing page, this is what effective article marketing. If you try to explain everything in your resource box, your readers will most likely lose interest, and not click those links.

Mix your resource box with the body of your content

This strategy alone can double your CTR, so make sure the formatting, style of writing and tone of your language compliments with your resource box.

There’s nothing more frustrating for readers than writing an article with hanging ending and closing with disjointed resource box. This could be your epic mistake.

Take advantage of 2 URLs

You’re allowed to use 2 URLs, so take advantage of those. The first URL that should appear in your resource box should anchor to your SEO, thus benefiting your landing page. Your second URL on the other hand, should be with full path towards your page.

Because many online publishers, writers, and bloggers from all over the world, will reach your article, read it and take your post’s full value. This will result to your website better ranking, and your ability to generate leads from article marketing for your business.