bamboo pink review

Bamboo Pink Review

The most effective way to decide which MLM company to join is to look at the products or services they had to offer. This will enable you to decide whether you are able to effectively market the company’s products. If you like jewellery and other similar products in particular, then Bamboo Pink might just be the right business opportunity for you. You can get more details about this company below to help you decide whether to join or not.

Introduction to Bamboo Pink

Bamboo Pink is an emerging company that has slowly earned its reputation in the MLM scene. They specialize in direct sales of jewelry and is founded by Frances Gadbois, Debbie Millar, and Jude Steele, which also previously partnered with each other in JudeFrances, which is a well known jewelry line boutique. That particular jewelry shop has featured several high end jewelry lines in their shop, including Nieman Marcus, among other famous jewellers.

Bamboo Pink is a direct marketing marketplace company wherein they sell distinctive pieces of jewelry designed by none other than Francois Gadbois himself. The starting price for all pieces in their line will be at $19 but they also have top end products in their line amounting up to $100. They will employ a direct selling marketing approach to bring lots of their pieces into the forefront of the jewelry market. The line itself has garnered a lot of attention in the industry mainly because their products had been used by lots of famous celebrities, which have come forward to endorse their jewelry line.

Products From Bamboo Pink

There are several different pieces of jewelry available in the Bamboo Pink line. These products range from simple to top of the line jewels, which includes earrings, studs, rings, bangles, chain necklaces, pendants, among other things. Each type of jewelry vary in the type of material used, styles, colors, and stones that will directly affect its cost.

How to Earn Money

The compensation plan for Bamboo Pink is uni-level, which offers all members up to 10 different ways to earn. All earnings made through this company follows 7 levels, thus it is possible to earn lots of money in a short period of time. Your earnings with the company can come through any of the following methods:

1.    direct sales with maximum 30% in profit
2.    power team bonus
3.    free jewelry from the line
4.    rank advancement bonus
5.    lifestyle bonus
6.    preferred customer program
7.    fast start bonus
8.    weekly commissions
9.    matching check bonus
10.    global bonus pools

Training and Tools

The Bamboo Pink business opportunity also offers training programs for its members, which is something that you should take advantage of as a member. They want their consultants to have better control of their financial future, which is possible with this product line. They also have a back office wherein consultants will be personally trained to help guide them into building their own successful home business.

Can You Succeed with Bamboo Pink?

This question can only be answered by you. Bamboo Pink, however, offers a great opportunity to earn and generate your own income. The amount of marketing knowledge you learn from the training and how you use it for this business opportunity are the two factors that will affect your success. The same goes with any internet business opportunity out there.

With all of the facts, it looks like Bamboo Pink is a solid business.  As with any business, the key to success is in your ability to market it to the masses. To learn how to do so, visit MLM Lead Gen Pros and get a copy of the CD Conquer The Internet Today! That will give you the best training and resources to grow your Bamboo Pink Business fast and strong.