Business Blogs an Evolution in Cyberspace How To Have More Time, Freedom, and Money In Your Life Starting Today


Advertising was not the invention stemming from the invention of the printing press. The printing press made the advertising  game easier and quicker making  the finding,  and informing,  the business clients with  information.  In such a way technology rolled on. The progression of finding and giving of information moved steadily from telegraph, telephone, fax machine, direct mail marketing, right up to today’s internet. Along the way entrepreneurs’ took advantage of each  change that they engaged in their business endeavors. Today,  nothing has changed. The ever popular blogging phenomenon is changing  advertising  from a home spun communications medium to a business promotion wonderland. Enter the blog, the poor man’s website.

The business blogs started out being a place where anyone had something  to express  about themselves, someplace or something. Blogging  created a  place where one could  open up their diary’s and let the whole world know their   private thoughts or  opportunity to express their political views. This was a quagmire of  information, though  interesting as heck, was not profitable. To start out with the blogs weren’t made popular because of financial gain. No matter why business blogs became so popular they did achieve a phenomenal growth. With the  explosion of popularity those seeking financial gain  blew in.  Blogs, as a retail marketing medium, became  a certain destiny.

For business, one of the advantages of business blogs  is that it’s easy to get access to and use of a blog  for free. Free in a sense. The deal was that the free blogs required one to advertise the company providing the blog. Business Blogs are user friendly, and designed to be easy to customize, it’s a real cost effective tool for the internet marketer. This is so, even if you choose to pay for your own cost, which  is usually  under $10 a month. It is  important to note that  hundreds of thousands of blogs are in use all of  time. It is shown, through statistics, that  there are currently close to 14 million blogs posted on the internet with an estimated  80,000 additional blogs  signing up daily. You can add to this the  fact that with  this reality comes  over 50 million internet users and  that 30% of them are reading a blog. The concept here is staggering  why  for the online marketer it’s a mind boggling, ready- made, opportunity to be exploited for profit.

The mini forum is one of the common formats that are used  in blogs today. This forum has great advantages for the serious online marketer. Business Blogs  provide  real input and information that shows  how the public  thinks and feels about the product or services that is  being promoted. Blogs  help to know exactly what you need to change to keep  your business moving upward. A popular technique used with blogs is to treat them as a stepping stone to another website. For example let’s say you might have a website selling sports tennis shoes. So now you create a business blog called, ” Freddie  the Sneaker Tweaker”.  A site where folks come to get Freddie’s latest complaint or praise about different sneaker brands being sold on the internet. However most conveniently there happens to be a URL for the sports tennis shoe website clearly seen on the blogs review page which, “bingo”, directs more traffic it. Doing  this of course feeds more traffic  to  the real money maker.

If you’re new to the internet don’t expect, like so many unfortunately do, that your simply having a website will guarantee  the money will just start coming in.  Even business blogs being used for business reasons require good SEO practices. It would be advantageous, for the newbie, to join a SEO blogging community along with having their business blog indexed by the larger search engines. They also should take a serious peek at their competition. The best business blogs are those owned by people who only started out sharing something  they had passion over and that passion caught on to all those others with a common interest. This is a win-win situation for all involved. Good business blogs are those which truly provide the public with meaningful  information.

For those folks, that were the charter members of blogging ,  what’s happened to the blog is discouraging. Change, as we all know, is a natural part of life.  Having  common  sense ,  behind all those two dimensional blogs,  is a human director. It’s  only a matter of time before the business blog appeared and with its’  success,  grew and grew.  All in all,  there is a bright side. The blogging explosion,  of thousands of good people overnight,  many bloggers  found themselves suddenly wanted and financially better off.  May the business blogs live long and prosper. Join the explosion, with your own Business Blogs today!