facebook marketing- How To Have More Time, Freedom, and Money In YourHow To Have More Time, Freedom, and Money In Your Life Starting Today

at an all time high amongst brands big and small. As such it is important that your business has a presence there. Here are at least seven ways for small businesses to maximize their presence on Facebook with minimum resources.

Get real about the numbers. Social media is really a numbers game, but don’t get caught up inthe hype, and at the same time, make sure you set realistic goals about what you expect to achieve through Facebook. Don’t expect to get thousands of likes or fans in the first week, think more along the lines of reaching that first 100 likes. This is a big deal, so celebrate it when you get there too.

Make Time. If you want to give your business the best exposure possible then you need to be constantly engaging and sharing information with others in your industry, and of course this means taking time to have a constant presence there – in one way or another. Of course, within the Facebook Community, like most online business communities there is always the various upgrade features that you can utilize to help get your business that little extra exposure it is looking for without having to sacrifice the time it might normally take.

Learn as much as you can: Take notes based on your experiences with Facebook’s pages and other business services – at the very least, write down questions about things you don’t understand so you can make a note to look them up later.

If you are going to buy advertising, start small. It’s possible to promote your business on Facebook without spending anything but at some point you might get the itch to buy advertising. Facebook offer a fantastic option for businesses looking to buy the traffic coming to their page and my advise here is to start small. Figure out which keywords work best and what demographic you want to target and then start with a few small test ads to see how the market responds.

Create a Page for your Business, not a profile. Your connection on Facebook starts with the message you want your business to give out to the world. The easiest way to do this is to create a page dedicated to your business and related offerings. Do not create a second account to do this as it is not only against Facebook’s TOS agreemet – it is also not a good idea because your real friends and connections are the first people you want to invite to your new page.

Have real conversations. Connect with people and make sure to respond to the conversation, refer them on to others within your network and invite others to join in your conversations as well.

Don’t spam: Adding value to the community as a whole is your most valuable asset in relation to marketing. This means sharing valuable information that you find and not simply promoting your own wares constantly. Don’t contribute to this noise and fans will appreciate it.

Promotions: For example, Discounts for first-time customers really work toward generating repeat business. But don’t limit the promotions to the first time someone engages with your company, lest they lose interest. Periodically put things on sale if you can, in order to keep people coming back. Whatever you decide, Facebook marketing is about standing out from the crown and sharing a unique and most importantly helpful voice.

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