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GBG to Launch Philippines and Nigeria in January 2012

GBG, which stands for “Guided by God,” aims to expand its network marketing’s global reach to Philippines shores at the start of 2012, targets building major impact on improving health of the population with renowned 10-in-1 chewable vitamin & Mineral Super Formula.

Vacaville, California. October 21, 2011 – An award winning network marketing company, GBG or Guided by God announced its plans to launch a market in the Philippines by January 2012 and hopes to not only offer remedies for rising health needs but also deliver a solution to escalating demands for legitimate business opportunities.

GBG is a highly reputable and trusted player in the health and wellness industry that is now approaching its fifteenth year in operation since it was established by Stuart Finger in Vacaville, California. The company started out as a telecommunications service reseller and found great success in the five years it focused on the industry. The company prospered and so did the people working in GBG’s network.

Despite this tremendous amount of success, GBG completely reinvented itself and shifted their focus to an entirely different product and industry. The company then offered their now famous 10-in-1 liquid multi-formula dietary supplement.

A business success since he started his retail clothing and apparel company when he was just 18 years old, followed by even more financially rewarding business endeavors, his life direction suddenly changed when a life changing experience happened and caused a the major turnaround of GBG.

“Someone asked me what good wealth can bring if the health is failing,” said Stuart, further adding “It made me realize that there is no profit in gaining the world but losing your soul in the process.”

At that same time, his Uncle Lee’s health was quickly fading with his heart growing weaker caused by complications of diabetes. He himself a success in the family company, Stuart’s Uncle was losing all hope for a cure as his condition worsened, despite the abundance of the fruits of his life’s labors.

A meeting with a doctor, which they believed was caused by a divine appointment, introduced them to revolutionary products with high vitamins and minerals content that could supposedly improve the health of his Uncle.

“We didn’t really believe it that much at first, but we gave it a shot, if it worked for my Uncle, then it would work for others too,” Stuart said.

Work it did. Steadily, Lee’s condition improved and soon enough regained his health and replenished the vitality he lost while he was ill.

This led to the development and the creation of their flagship product, GBG’s 10-in-ONE Liquid Multi Formula. Capitalizing on their experience as a network marketing company, they employed the same business model to spread the word about their powerful and effective health and nutrition enhancing formula.

Incorporating their ECS System, GBG offers a truly wonderful business opportunity to create a flexible and affordable means of livelihood for citizens of the Philippines with all the support that they will need to market their business successfully.

This powerful combination of a working and effective product and a proven GBG copyrighted pay plan, brings much to look forward to for Filipinos in the coming year.