mlm training- How To Have More Time, Freedom, and Money In Your Life How To Have More Time, Freedom, and Money In Your Life Starting Today

1. Use The Products.. In order to be successful in MLM, its important to become a product of the products. Enthusiasm generated by real life experience is seldom ignored, and is the starting point for belief building.

2. A Total Commitment for 1 Year…No Turning Back. is required for success. Most people give up on their dreams and quit within 90 days. This is why you must have written goals and a white hot burning Desire to achieve them for success to show up.

3. I Am Sold Myself…on my enroller, on the company, the products, and the comp plan. When you are truly a believer, people will sense your sincerity.

4. Spend 80% of your business time with prospects, distributors, and customers. Always stay in the building mode, not the management mode, as your group will mirror you. Keep moving ahead.

5. Present your products and marketing plan daily..remember, its your business, so you must remember to employ yourself

6. Let Everyone Know What Business You Are In .. not to be kept a secret since  word of mouth advertising is still the most powerful way to reach the consumer and you are paid to collect no’s…all successful people fail their way to success by practicing their presentation and perfecting their technique

7. Understanding People is More Important Than Product Knowledge. Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care…..mlm is a people business

8. You Must Duplicate Yourself by training independent team members. Only by training trainers will you be able to reach total time, freedom, and money success

9. Inspire Your Group by setting up contests and recognition for achievement. This will improve retention and growth.

10. Awarding Praise for Accomplishments will always help your group to become the best they can be. Remember, MLM is a volunteer army

11. Network With Top Producers and find out what they are doing. Ask to do an interview of them to create an article or video to train your group.

12. Persistence Pays Off Be consistent and persistent with important prospects. Remember, now may not be the right time for your prospect, but maybe in 12, 24, or 36 months…hey you never know….

13. Lead By Example….The groups speed is always determined by the speed of the leader…..why  not become the next leader? Remember, the view from the top is always awesome…no matter how long it takes to get there…

14. Keep it Simple and Duplicatable practice and consistency produces habits that leave clues…its called success

15. Stay In Touch…E mail, newsletter, text broadcast, skype chat, telephone, conference calls, webinars, post  cards, live events

16.  Short Simple, Dramatic Presentations…keep it simple and duplicatable

17. Listen 80% Talk 20%…By learning how to ask questions and becoming a consummate listener, you will be able  to help people get started easily as they will always tell you what they want

18.  Satisfy All Questions and Complaints in Less Than 24 Hours no exceptions

19. Focus on The Needs of Your Customers  and Marketing Executives… remember always that if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.

20. Referrals Are The Key To Endless Free Leads… Always ask for referrals by providing t rue value to your customers.. they will love you and want to help you be successful.

21.  Always Give Customers More Than What They Expect.. differentiate yourself from the competition…refer to19

22.  Develop A Minimum of 30 Customers

23. Believe in Your Products.. If you don’t, no one else will

24.  Create Sense of Urgency. A 1 day turnaround Regarding your products and services

25. Tell Your Customers and Marketing Executives how much you appreciate them and their business. A good time to ask for referrals…who do you know….

26. Don’t Accept No as a final answer…Theperson with the most no’s always winds up with the most yeses. Double your failure rate to explode your business.

27. Send A Monthly Promotion To Your Customers with a gift like an e book or other related information of value and interest to them

28. Speak Enthusiastically about your businerss and your products. That is why  it is important to become a product user refer to #1

29. Work On Top Priority Projects First like contacting and inviting and presenting, not organizing your desk and making sure you have all of the necessary tools… remember its ignorance on Fire not knowledge on ice that dictates the size of your check

30. Build Your List of Contacts Daily and your relationship and reputation with them for long term success

31.  Approach Top Producers of MLM Companies..  r u open?

32. Listen To the Wants of Your Prospects.. then satisfy them remember that it will not always be money..find out and don’t assume you know..always ask…

33. Organize Your Files.. be able to find anything in under a minute..really…

34. Use The Latest Technology.. is internet,cel phone, answering machine, 3 way calling, e mails, autoresponders, ect

35. Set Goals.. daily, weekly, monthly, and annually…both business and personal…must be written and reviewed daily…Long term goals will relieve short term frustration..if the why is big enough, the how is easy…..

36. Be A Student and Information Sponge.. subscribe to industry magazines like Success Mag and read and listen to personal development books and cd’s as if you don’t control what goes in, you may not get what you want…garbage in= garbager out.. success in = success out…

37. Listen To CD’s and DVd’s of  To Producers… work harder on yourself and become all that you can be

38.  Pass Only Positives Downline… Negatives go Upline

39. Expand Your Business Locally.. Think Globally… 1 long distance package weekly

40.  Tell Your Group What They Want To Know.. not what you think they should know

41.   Invest Your $ On Things That Will Make You More $

42. Always Schedule Important Tasks at The Time of Dat That Ypou Are At Your Best

43. Delegate whenever possible.. Do the things that only you can do

44. Read Bios of Successful People on be inspired by their lives

45. Present and Attend Business Opportunity Events, and Webinars Regularly

46. Plow Profits Back Into Your Business..invest in yourself

47. If Others Can Do It..So Can You Challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone…

48. Reward Yourself when you accomplish your deserve it

49. Always Have So Much Fun Others will want tojoin you.. lighten uo and your sales will brighten up..have fun …ut get er done

50. Do It Now! There Is No Better Time! For Success remember that procrastination and your TV are the thieves of time, money, and success