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They say in business you can never have too many network marketing leads. Timing, positioning and coaching and mentoring are important for maximum leverage and success in network marketing.. This is precisely what we have here now with the GBG 4 Wealth Team and our advanced Facebook marketing strategies. We invite you to discover the GBG (Guided by God)   4 Wealth Team  difference and join us on our mission to create more healthy millionaires than any other company in the industry. This is the year for all of us!

Listen to GBG Opportunity call here with Dr Earl Mindell, Stuart Finger, Michael Kahn, and Ron Head.  There is also a GBG 10 In One Chewable Vitamin training done by Dr Mindel as well.. You know Dr Mindell and I quote”

Dr. Mindell is most recognized for his best selling book, “The Vitamin Bible,” which has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide. He has also appeared on several national talk shows including “Oprah,” contributing his expertise on the benefits of vitamin supplements. Dr. Mindell is a pioneer in the health industry and a strong advocate for using nutrition as a preventative medicine and homeopathy.

“I’ve been in this business for nearly 50 years and it’s been my life’s work to study and discover the best vitamin supplements that will help people live longer, healthier lives,” said Dr. Mindell. “GBG’s 10-IN-ONE Vitamin and Mineral SUPER Formula is like nothing on the market today. The health benefits this supplement can produce are outstanding.””

Hows that for instant credibility so we use the law of attraction, plus the new GBG Ten In One Chewables are delicious, and they are often felt same day! With a $40 price point and 60 day money back guarantee its really a no brainer. Anyway back to Network Marketing Leads.

We use social media to create a buzz…read what people are saying already:

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As you may already know, were scheduled to open in the Nigerian and the  Philippino Marketplaces Very Soon…Word has got  out and we are getting responses….

50 minutes ago

Vicki Condecion

  • hi bob…
    can’t wait for the gbg launch here in philippines… i want to be your first filipino member


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  • Hello!..SIR!..gud evening thank you! for giving this kind of opportuniy.. I’t a been appreciated so much for your kindness!..YES! ..SIR!

    Thank you! very much indeed SIR! BOB SPIRO!..


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  • yes im interested if i will earn

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  • Yes. Let me know more. Is there a website to check?
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  • yes boss,i m ready,pls carry me along

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  • y can u come to nigeria there are many people who want to know more pls

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  • Jee Boi to bob

    show details 11/16/11

    I’ve read and understand everything you said and i’m realy ready for the business in full.

  • ****************************************************** All from Facebook
  • We have dozens more. What we did is revealed in a video training series offered on my Work Wirh Bob Spiro.Com blog, along with 30 hours of advanced online marketing strategies from Article Marketing to YouTube and everything in between.

First we started 2 fan pages, DIR Marketing International and Bob Spiros Million Pound Weight Loss March I offered free Facebook Training and began interacting with  my fans and followers, making friends along the way.

We then began an aggressive Facebook Pay Per Click campaign, offering a $25 per month viral blogging system called Empower Network, still up and running, its our secret weapon for getting top search engine rankings. But there is also some of the top marketing minds behind Empower Network that offers 100 percent commissions. There is an inner circle membership with interviews of successful marketers. Learn, do, then teach, so  we did.

Yup we ran a 10 dollar a day campaign in FB over 42 days, producing 958 clicks, 197 leads, and 23  signups into Empower. Many of these people will be joining us in GBG as you can back end any MLM or network marketing or affiliate program into your sales funnel with Empower.

Learn more here.

Heres a video on the ppc results here

Now, by posting articles like this, and promoting videos, like on our Team Youtube channel, a toppic of another article, we get traffic to our sites and subscribers magnet get us lots of free opt ins. This would not have happened had we not primed the pump with paid traffic first.

We believe in having as many avenues open  to generate network marketing leads to us to generate as many network marketing leads as possible, then focus on the most productive 2 or 3 methods. To many people only rely on family and friends, and while that has been a tried and true method of top producers for years, to many struggle and fail when relying on that method alone. You should definitely approach everyone you know about your product if you have a great product, to build up belief. Then take those results and your experience with belief and enthusiasm out to the marketplace with proper article and video marketing to attract your target market.

Heres just a sampling of some content we’ve posted and the Team sites we offer serious business builders. opening 2 weeks get in now

philippines opening less than 60 days. . this is holy grail of mlm done right

see comments we have dozens more

join now Gold $50 customer then Platinum Upgrade  $200 to 400. US Specials Varies in African and Asian Markets. However we all share in the same great GBG 10 In One and the awesome comp plan, a copy of which is here. Websites and hosting and online marketing training $1998.,Free to platimuns call me/ e mail me/ skype me

We have in depth training on all methods we use available to help people be successful in their businesses.