Youngevity Review

About the Company

Youngevity is a well known company in the MLM business scene. Originally based in Texas, they now have an office at Chula Vista, California. The company was first established in 1991 by Dr. Joel Wallach and has gone a long way in providing innovative products that never fail to satisfy customers. Wallach aimed to provide the best nutritional products to customers and provide accurate health and medicinal information. Because of this, he has managed to build a successful business empire that he later turned into an MLM networking opportunity to provide those interested with a new way to generate income.

How to Join

There are two ways that you can join Youngevity. First, you can be a preferred customer wherein membership is free. It will enable you to buy products directly from the company, which is cheaper as there are no middlemen. Second, you can join as an associate wherein you must pay a one-time membership fee of $10. It enables you to build a business opportunity through this company wherein you can earn commissions and residual income from your personal business volume.

Some of the products included in Youngevity’s product list are as follows: Super Food, Bone Builder & Aloe Gel Beverage, and the Super Cell Protector.

Products and Business Opportunity

There are several products sold through Youngevity, but they specialize in nutrition, personal care, pet care, and household products. All of these products are manufactured using cutting edge technologies and strict quality standards. Hence, it makes it easy for associates to market these products because they are well reputed in the market.

Income Generation

There are plenty of ways that you can generate income through Youngevity at any level you might be in as a representative. Here is an overview of the compensation plan:

•    Junior associate – Must earn 50 personal business volume in one month before you can earn commission through that group volume.
•    Associate – Must earn 100 personal business volume in one month to earn commission in 3 levels. Also qualified to earn personal purchase rebate (3-10%) and quick start bonus.
•    Managing Associate – Must earn 150 personal business volume in one month to earn commission. Also eligible to earn personal purchase rebate, quick start bonus, and bonus commissions.
•    Other levels such as the Diamond Associate and Double Diamond leader can get more benefits than the ones mentioned above.

Youngevity Training

New members or recruits to Youngevity can avail of several training programs through their upline. All of these training programs and resources provided to you will help to improve your ability to market the company’s products. Because you need marketing to generate sales, you can also use that as an opportunity to gain more income through commissions for every sales made. If you know how to leverage internet marketing to boost your sales performance, then you can make a huge fortune out of this internet business opportunity. You will also learn through the training process how to market online and offline to get more effective results with your marketing effort.

Youngevity is no doubt a potent option for anyone who wanted to generate income from home. If you can apply whatever you have learned from the training, then you can go a long way and build lots of profits from it.

The Youngevity Review reveals a legitimate company with a solid product and profitable compensation structure. If you choose to partner with this network marketing business, you can leverage the products they have available along with an association with a company that has built a good reputation in the industry. This credible opportunity might be a huge advantage for network marketers, but in the end your success will depend on your ability to market those services, by generating your own Youngevity leads.