YTB Travel Review

YTB Travel Review

Looking for a solid internet business opportunity? YTBTravel is a good option because it is recognized by lots of marketing experts as a viable business opportunity with a limitless potential income. The company specialize in offering internet-based travel booking service.

Before you decide to join, take time to learn more details about this company and the opportunity on offer below.

Things to Consider

Before you join YTBTravel, there are a few considerations you have to make. They are as follows:

1.    Cost – Joining YTBTravel is not cheap. There is a $500 membership cost, which is highly expensive when compared to other business opportunities online. But this cost will give you the chance to become a marketing representative of the company so you can sell online travel agencies, sponsor other representatives, and refer travel agents into the program.
2.    Compensation Plan – Here is another vital factor to consider when choosing an MLM company. In the case of YTBTravel, there are several levels for income generation and you are paid based of the effort you put into the company.
3.    Products or Services – The last factor to consider before you decide to sign up for YTBTravel, especially given its expensive membership cost, is to see how profitable their products or services are. Travel and tourism is a booming industry that is stable all year round so you need not worry about being able to generate sales and commission with this business opportunity.

Levels of Earning

There are multiple levels of earning that members can avail of upon joining YTBTravel. Your ability to earn through this program will depend on the number of people that are sponsored under you in the program. There are three people that you will initially have to work with in the program. Once you have three people to sponsor in YTBTravel, you are guaranteed to earn 50% in sales commission for these people. Imagine if all three are able to generate a huge amount of sales per month, then you can get a percentage off of their earnings. This will make up your first team but that is just the beginning as your income potential is even bigger.

After the first team, you earn the chance to qualify for the power team wherein a larger amount of income awaits you. You need to get up to 40 people into the power team wherein you can earn a large commission, which is $50 for every direct sales that is generated by the people you sponsor. In addition, the entire team will earn $50 for that.

Another potentially large income generator in the program is the dream commission bonus, which is as large as $10,000. However, you need to gather up to 100 active RTA’s before you can qualify for this type of earning.


YTBTravel offers a promising business opportunity for all those interested to build their own successful home business. However, the large cost involved with membership limits this business opportunity to a few who can afford to join. But if you are one of those fortunate enough to join, then you can expect huge and rewarding returns for your investment, given that you take advantage of the tools provided for you.